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  Photo Journalism
Photo Journalism

A team of professional journalists are on hand to create the text to accompany your set of images. The result is a complete article ready for publication in magazines, brochures, press releases or advertorials.

An example for your enjoyment:

Climbing in the Huascaran, Peru.
In front of me the eastern dawn colours drew out of the starlit black night. Above, a crescent moon couldn't hurry fast enough, sinking towards the west and its demise behind the Cordillera Negra. With few rests, as the cold was unbearable, our progress was good. We had moved right from the col, and around the south west flank, turning left onto the top reaches of the south
summit, level with the 6600 meter north

Reaching the Summit
code: ANDYH00040

summit, before finally skirting the eastern side to the top. Thousands of meters below, the lights from villages and Huaraz far to the south shimmering in their enveloped light. Emotions welled up, as we hugged and shouted, with the yellow hues of dawn reddening before sunrise. Andy Hackland

Grave in Cordillera Blanca
code: ANDYH00067

Mantas at the Market
code: ANDYH00011

Rural Graveyard 
code: ANDYH00014

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