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  Our Images - Documentary
Fixing the unfolding events of life in picture form is what documentary photography is all about. From fun to fire, laughter to landslides, peace to poverty - search our library for images to illustrate your personal world documentary.

Web developers, advertising agencies, publishers and illustrators will find the library a comprehensive, 1-stop-shop for all requirements.


Figureheads, notable characters who shape our world captured right here in South Africa.

The magnificence of the natural landscape is reflected in the peoples of Africa. The colour and energy is strong, the mood in touch with the earth from which Africans live.

Humour and pathos,at work and play, ... take a look at how Africans appear on candid camera.


Clinton arrives in SA


code: AFRSB00150

Mandela Shares a Laugh
code: 3653n27

Approaching our animal heritage with a sense of awe and respect, the sensitivity of Shawn's wildlife photography is self-evident. Browse through the ever-growing selection for a visual feast of the world of nature.

Images can be used by tourism groups,calendar compilers, book illustrators, clothing manufacturers, desktop publishers, educators, or simply an animal lover. Images can be manipulated to suit your requirements for example cropping, shading, merging, sizing and delivered in various resolutions and formats.

The Mighty Elephant

Bird Talk
Landscapes of Africa

The blazing sun of Africa makes for strong colours and moody shadows. Capturing the spirit of Africa through its visual splendour is therefore a must. Images currently include Namibia, Angola, Mozambique, Lesotho and, of course, South Africa.

Tourism specialists, artists, publishers, educators ... will find these images an informative and enticing complement to any brochure or presentation.

The raw material is all there - what we have done is capture its natural magnificance for you to use in your promotion and appreciation of this giant continent.

Growing Organic
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